Saturday, 5 March 2022

War, but not as we know it

Is our hobby in danger of not seeing any more new products for Napoleonic Wars in the coming year once again? We have had two years of the Coronavirus around the world which slowed down production to a walking pace and now a war in the Ukraine. The two biggest plastic companies have stopped working but for how long? 

HaT in America have not published any new updates on their web site since October last year and it seems to be dead even to their forum users. This is a great shame as I was hoping for the Prussian limbers and wagons that they had at design stage years ago. They are the only Napoleonic set that I need from them at the moment. Saying that, I had hoped for some other new sets coming from them this year such as like the Dutch/Belgian Carabineers or some Hanoverian Infantry. 

With Russia going to war with the Ukraine this month, Strelets have halted production for now but they are still in the process of producing a load of the War of the Spanish Succession figures. Their forum is very much alive and well. Although they have brought out some new figures for the Napoleonic Wars over the last two years, they are not for my Waterloo period. I do not like the standing possess that they have done either for the Prussian cavalry or for the Infantry sets in that matter. I do like my figures in action possess. 

So it could be another year without anything new for me. This could be why I am having great trouble in painting anything these days. I have just lost my painting mojo at the moment but hope that with spring in the air and sunnier days ahead, that the spark will come back to me. It’s been nearly two years since I finished painting a set of figures. 

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