Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My Favourite Links

As you can see, that I have now added a few links that might help you if you are starting out in wargaming the Napoleonic’s period. is a plastic figure company that do many periods throughout history.
They also do different sizes, 20mm, 28mm and 35mm. Hat are a very good company and really cheap but the figure’s are of a very high quality. The amount of figures that they bring out each year is phenomenal. Well worth looking at before you buy from other companies. is a fantastic site for information about regiments and their uniforms for the Battle of Waterloo. But like all uniform sites, they do differ from other book sources and websites.
The last one is . This site will give you a look at all the 20mm plastic soldiers that are now out in model shops, from all the different plastic companies that are around the world. They give you information which could be valuable before you buy any figures for your army.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Wargame Campaigns

Published by C S G Publications

Pages 153 plus covers

Published in 1995 and written by C S Grant, this book provides you with all you need to know about setting up and starting your own campaign in any period in history.
If you are starting up your own campaign as a beginner or a veteran in this wargaming world, this book provides you with all the basic means to start you on your way or the book may give you some extra ideas to add to your own set of rules.
Wargame Campaigns covers Land, Sea and Air, starting you off with maps, movement, weather, armies and even personalities.
If you want to enter the world of politics and finance, there are ideas for them too.
This is another book that all wargamers should have in their bookcases.
It’s a real gem of information for the realism of war with sections on casualties, hospitals, prisoners and recruiting. And with all this, there is a section on how to keep campaign diaries and basic book keeping.
I do like the way Mr Grant has set out this book. It’s very easy to follow no matter how long you have been doing this hobby.
After reading Wargame Campaigns, it has certainly made me re-think about my own set of homemade rules.
With so many books out now about wargaming, rules and campaigns, will we ever have a set of rules that we will be happy with?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Just over One Year Old

Well the first month of this year is already over and we have just passed the blogs first anniversary. I can not believe how quick time has gone by and how little I have had time to add things to this blog. But I am hoping to add more stuff here each month. But if you have managed to stumble onto this blog and have taken a look, then thanks for that, but keep looking.
With the first month over I have already started to spend money on my hobby, by getting a tin of enamel gold paint. The last tin had been with me for years but finally dried up on me.

Things to look forward to this year and once again I will be at both Salute on April 24th and SELWG in October both are held in and around the London area.
I hope that HAT will bring out the Brunswick Infantry and Cavalry sets plus the Prussian Hussars that are on their list plus any others that are not shown.
The French Pontoon set from Hat has nearly been out a year now and I have still not seen the set at shows or in model shops as to date.