Monday, 30 April 2012


Well the good news today is that I have finally finished the first 12 figures for my Prussian 3rd Elba Landwehr infantry regiment. After a very dull and very wet weekend, I had some me time and sat down and did some painting.

I have now painted a total of 18 figures already this year, which is how many I painted last year, so I hope that this is the start of painting loads this year. I have already started off the second batch of 12 and the two last figures for the foot artillery are also coming along fine.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Another UPDATE

I had a good weekend, not with the weather though but with my hobby. I have spent more cash this weekend on two tins of paint and some paint thinner.
I do try to look after my paint tins but they always seem to dry up on me, especially when I have not touched them for a while or the paint starts to thicken up. That is why I finally brought some paint thinner to save a few bob.
I also brought some more containers for the painted figures that I hope to complete soon.
Another good reason is that I have started to paint another unit. Okay I should finish one before starting another, but these are going to be painted while I am away at the weekends.
The unit I am painting now is the HaT Prussian 8th Dragoon regiment. I have a box and a half to paint so 18 figures and horses in all. Had a really good couple of days with these and I am half way to finishing the first batch of six with their horses.
At home the last two figures of the foot artillery are coming along nicely and I have not forgotten the Elba Landwehr infantry that I started some while ago and I hope to have the first batch of 12 done by this weekend.

Monday, 16 April 2012


At last I have finished painting the Prussian Foot Artillery unit, which has nearly taken me a year to paint just 24 figures. But I have two more figures to paint and they will be a drummer and an officer on foot. These are not in the HaT artillery set but as you can now buy the Prussian command set, I thought that to finish the unit off nicely these could be added.
Well 18 of these figures were painted before Christmas so these last completed six will be the first painted figures of the year. I am glad to say that I am back painting now so I hope to set some more finished very soon.
Now to find time to get some pictures too show you.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Another Skaledale Building

Over the Easter weekend I managed to go to my favourite toy shop in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and brought another model from Hornby to add to my collection of buildings.
My next model was the Derelict Stables (R9648) at a bargain price of £16.45 pence. Again made in resin, the model looks again a bit small for my chosen size in wargaming but it does look good.
Still it will add a bit more to the derelict farm that I will make up when I can get a chance to do a bit of wargaming.
I also had to buy some more paint and what a big jump in the price. This time last year I was paying just £1.30 pence a tin. It has now gone up to £1.49 pence a tin but still cheaper than the RRP of £1.70 pence. So in just two weeks I have spent just over £50 already this year.