Thursday, 18 June 2015

Happy Waterloo Day

Yes, Happy Waterloo 200 Day and whatever you are doing to mark this occasion I hope that it all goes well for you.
But what a shame that the plastic figure company’s never really made it all that special, after all it’s going to be a long time for 300 which none of us will be around to celebrate.
Airfix seem to be one of two that have achieved this. They have once again brought out the Famous Farm House with all of the Airfix figures that they made for the Waterloo series with more paints added to the set price £39.99. Next follows the Italeri – Anniversary Box “Battle at La Haye Sainte” Farm House with four boxes of figures to go with the first set No 6111 as seen in our last post. Revell could of done better as they have released their 1/72nd Set Battle of Waterloo 1815 with 107 figures which contain the old British Life Guards, Prussian Infantry and the French Old Guard boxes priced at £17.99 I have found this in a toy shop for £15.99. No New figures at all from all three.
My hope had been on HaT Industries to come up with the goods with the figures that we needed to extend our armies. They had the French Elites in Greatcoats, plus French Infantry with commands sets already on their list to do and anything else that was in the pipe line, like the Belgian/Dutch Carabiniers although we have only seen the box artwork but no line drawings or roughs for this set.
So I feel that a great opportunity has been missed by these companies to celebrate one of our biggest battles in our history and I do feel a bit let down by them. Still we can only hope that they will appear sometime in the future.

What have I been up to? Well how time has flown by once again and I have still not finished off my French Carabiniers yet. I have done a bit of reading though. I have now brought a book by Tim Clayton called “WATERLOO” This was a bargain at only £4 reduced from £10.99 pence.
So time to celebrate the Battle that has kept me on the edge of my seat for a hell of a long time, as I do not have the room to set out a table to fight the great battle  in my house, it’s time to get the DVD out and watch the battle once again on my TV. (It’s a shame that they have not released this in its complete four hours as well)