Thursday, 31 December 2015

Birthday And Christmas

I have just realised that I have not told you of my wargaming presents for my Birthday which was back in October and what I was given for Christmas.
Well they are all in the picture above. At the back is the “Waterloo” book by Peter & Dan Snow. Below the book on the right is a set of playing cards from Waterloo 200 and below them a replica Waterloo Medal which I shall display in a box picture frame. The Napoleon figure next to the cards is from from a French company called Bonap-art. I have taken a look at their site but all they seem to do at the moment is just mugs, pens and towels with Napoleon’s motif on them and a couple of other figures. Their web site is One thing that I forgot to put into the picture was the Wargames Illustrated PAINTS, which is a guide to painting wargaming figures. A bit expensive for 74 pages of coloured pictures but I hope that this guide will give me a bit of help with my painting. All of these I had for my Birthday.

For Christmas I received the 28mm Conflix “Priests House” to finish of my Conflix collection. In front of this is the S&A Scenics cobbled road pack. I already own one of these but you can never have too much cobbled roads.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas From The General

Well it’s that time of year once again and the years seem to be flying by. I would like to thank my eight followers once again this year and may-be I’ll have some more next year? If you are one of the many that have taken a look at my blog then I wish you all the best for the coming year.
So if you are visiting friends or family over the Christmas period I hope that you will be treated to some lovely presents this year.

A Very Merry Christmas to You and Your Family

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Holiday Treasures

At last if have found some batteries for my camera and here is what I have found while I have been on holidays this year.
I have never been a “boot sale” sort of guy but when I ventured into one on my holiday, not far from where we were staying, I was really surprised in what I found.  There was a chap that was selling his sons old 20 mm plastic figures from various companies and periods. At the bottom of this large box that he had, there was these two boxes that I could use. You can never have enough wagons and although I do already have these Italeri French Army Support Convoy waiting in the production line to paint, there was always room for another box. The man said that all the bits were there and when I opened the box, the wagon and pieces were still on the spur in a badly crushed box. The other box was the Revell British Foot Artillery which could join my other two boxes that I have. Great so far! And for how much?  One pound fifty pence per box. Great I’ll take these two please! Taking the man’s word, I put the two boxes in my bag and walked off back to where we were staying. It was then that I found that the Revell’s box contained not artillery but a box of their Seven Year war French Hussars. Dam!

Still my next purchase was when we went to Miniature Worlds in Wroxham in Norfolk. This is fairly new and it is all about train layouts. Now I like looking at these as you can get some good ideas about how to blend in buildings and stone walls into your table layouts etc. At their shop I brought two packs of trees which contained seven in all and for a pound each in their “For Sale” box.

Next was top pop into The Works, which is a great book shop for me and very cheap, so when I saw this book “Voices from the Napoleonic Wars” by Jon E. Lewis for just £3, I  had to have.

Next time that you are doing a  bit of DIY your house take a look in B&Q as when I did I found that they were selling tester pots for just 50 pence each. So with a river section that I brought from SELWG years ago, I thought it was about time I did something with it. The colour I picked up for this job was, marine, blue capri, choco, sunflower, black and sand stone. 

Last but not least a trip to Scotland, for my 60th Birthday in October, took us to Edinburgh where I found a Model Shop called “Wonderland Models” and when looking at all the mountains of plastic figures, I can across a box of Italeri British Light Cavalry for just £4.99 pence. A great bargain as my first box of these cost me £5.99 pence years ago. So in all a good year for me and I hope to do more Boot sales next year! Well you never know what will turn up next.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Big Thank You

Looking at my blog yesterday I see that I have now reached a grand total of 20,000 hits. If you are one of these, then I thank you for your time in looking around my blog. To my eight followers many thanks and hope that you will keep following me as I try to get projects done and putting post up on here.
Although I have once again stopped painting my armies, I have been doing a lot of reading to date Bernard Cornwell’s “Waterloo” is one of them that I finished reading way back in March of this year. I have also finished another book which I will review later for you.

Although it’s been a quite year for me in my hobby, I have brought a few things this year and once again when I can I will put up some pictures for you to see what treasures I have found. Unfortunately I do not have a mobile phone with a camera on it and so I have to rely on the old camera, but camera batteries are hard to find and when you do find them, they are very expensive. That’s technology for you!