Friday, 20 March 2015

What a Fantasic Surprise!

I had a look yesterday at some of the plastic companies to see if there is any news on any new set of figures for the 200th anniversary of Waterloo and guess what? Italeri are proposing a special series dedicated to Waterloo with an Anniversary Box in April.
But even better is that they are going to celebrate Waterloo 1815-2015 with this box set number 6111 containing a part reproduction of the famous farm, “La Haye Saint” in MDF form in 1/72 scale. The first set will be containing the farm house, wall and gate and for the first time we will see the gardener’s cottage which Airfix left off their farm house. It will also contain 4 boxes of figures. Set 6066 French Infantry, 6031 Imperial Guard Artillery, 6095 British Infantry and 6083 British 95th Regiment.
All Pictures from Italeri Web Site 

The next set is number 6175 and that will be the barn and again four sets of figures which are not known at this time. 
Set number 6176 will be the stables and another four sets of figures.
This is fantastic news but there is no price set as of yet and I just can not wait to see these. This set/kit is a lot better than the old Airfix plastic farm house but it has been with us for a hell of a long time now, so this is quite exciting news from Italeri. The farm house will be easy to assemble and to paint. It’s been a long time since Italeri brought out any Waterloo figures as the last set was number 6136 Scots Infantry in 2010. We hope that there are more surprises out there for us Waterloo fans.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Five Years In The Making


I have two things to celebrate on this post. First its congratulations to me for I have now finished painting up my Airfix Prussian Landwehr Infantry last Tuesday night. The regiment is the 2/3rd Elba and I have painted a total 47 of the 48 in the box as I did not want two flags in the regiment. It has taken me five years to complete this regiment. The good news is that I have now painted a total of 35 figures this year and at the moment it looks like it could be a fantastic year for me in the painting department.
Second thing to celebrate is that I have now had well over 13,000 hits on my wargaming blog and I would like to thank each and every one of you who have taken a look.
As I said in the last post that I will finish off some that I have started to paint but have never finished them, some going way back to 2005.  The race is on to finish as much as I can before the deadline of 18th June and maybe think about what next to paint while finishing the rest off.