Friday, 30 January 2009

Welcome to my Blog

January has already been and gone, so at last I have managed to get round to starting up this blog.
With my wargaming blog I hope to share the pain and joy of wargaming.How I am getting on with my Napoleonic army and to post some pictures as we go.
I have been wargaming for quite a few years now and too many to number. But since 2005 I picked up my old paint brushes and started to get back into my hobby.
In the first year I did well in getting 123 figures painted, but since then the number completed had fallen when last year I only painted 17 figures. This was a complete regiment of the 1st Life Guards troopers and their mounts.
So this year I got myself together and am really starting this year 2009, off to a really good start.
This Month, January, I have painted 35 figures of the next regiment which is the 1st Tirallieurs of Napoleons young guard 1815.
I have just 10 more to do to complete this regiment.
I hope to post pictures of them here soon.