Saturday, 21 July 2018

Has Waterloo 1815 met their Waterloo

What a great disappointment from the makers Waterloo 1815 for their “Prussian Officers and high Staff 1813-15” figures. It seems that they are not 20 mm but 28 mm in height. On the PSR site (Plastic Soldier Review) the pictures of the figures look really good and I think that there is a way around having two Blucher's in a box by taking his pipe arm away and putting a sword arm in its place. The company, Waterloo 1815 seem to made big mistakes with a few of their Napoleonic set lately, like the Box AP100 of “Dutch/Belgian Carabiniers 1815” in which there are just six troopers and horses all made in metal. I just wish that HaT had made these instead

Sunday, 15 July 2018

News From The Front

At the beginning of last week, Waterloo 1815 have announced that they are going to produce a Prussian Officers and High Staff 1813-1815 box number AP058.  The box contains 12 mounted figures and horses and they are made in a tan colour plastic.
The disappointing thing about this set is that the mounted figures come in 6 different poses on two identical sprue frames, which means you get two Blucher’s etc. The horses come in a couple of different poses with one in a standing position. The figures look really great but for just under £11 UK Pounds per box, I think I will have to see these before I even think about buying them.