Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Lets Make Merry

Well it’s that time of year once again and another year which has flown by. This ends my second year on this blog of mine and I have done a little bit better this year in that I have started to look at the Marshals and Generals at Waterloo and Waterloo Medals.
I still have plenty to do to this blog and still needing those pictures of my painted armies for you to look at. So if you do look here now and then, please keep looking and sign up to this blog, so I know where you are looking from.
Although painting my little men has dried up for sometime now, I hope to get back into the saddle next year and really push myself.
In the mean time may I wish you and your families, where ever you are in the world


Friday, 10 December 2010

News from the front

I had some good news from HAT this week announcing that they will be bringing out two sets that I have been waiting for plus a surprise set.
We first saw the 8174 Brunswick and the 8197 Prussian Hussars line drawings way back in March 2008 and have not seen much in the way of progress. But they are now saying, on their website, that they are in the queue and due for release next year.
They have also said that they are bringing out a set of Napoleonic Mounted Officers. These include Russian, Spanish, Prussian and Prussian Landwehr mounted officers. These look promising but I hope that I can use the Prussian officers for Waterloo. Roll on 2011.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Cost of my Hobby this year

In 2009 I spent a grand total of £134:10 pence on my hobby. That is so far, the most that I have splashed out on my hobby over the past six years.
This year started off very slow and then came to a gridding halt with my painting which is a great shame as you can never claim them hours back in your life.
There are no new figures for me as of yet, but I hope that next year Hat will bring out those Brunswick cavalry and Prussian Hussars that I would love to have in my collection. Total spent this year is just £47.75 pence on 13 items.

1 PAINT TINS £1:25
1 Metre GOLD CHAIN £1.64
4 FIGURES (Boxes) £23.19
1 SHOWS (Entry Fee) £5

Friday, 3 December 2010

Nassau Waterloo Medal

Nassau Waterloo Medal 1815. The Nassaus's contingent consisted of roughly 3000 soldiers and saw a lot of action during the battles of Quatre-Bras and Waterloo. The Medal was made of Silver and was 28.9mm in diameter. The ribbon was dark blue with gold yellow edging. On the front is a bust of Friedrich August.