Monday, 18 March 2019

Skirmish 2019 Sudan

I cannot believe that we are in March and this is my first post of the year? Still yesterday I went to my first show of the year at Skirmish 2019 “Sudan”.
After some rotten wet and windy weather, the sun was actually shinning when I left for the Sidcup show. I arrive by 10. 30 and it was just a little bit too quite as with previous shows. Although I did not make it to the September show last year, I made the effort with some money from the war chest.
The first thing to do on my list was to get some of the new HaT figures. These are the “French Command” box and a box of the “Colonial General Service Wagons” which were on sale.
On into the main hall and things where very quiet, but it was good to go round and see what’s on offer. You had a small choice of books, terrain, figures and kits. On the main stage there was the usual show of arms and equipment of the Sudan period. This is always very good to see what the armies had at that time.
Into the gaming hall and most of the games were for the Sudan period but a naval game and even Lords of the Rings were thrown in. The Bring and Buy tables were well stocked with goodies.

The best display and game was from the Replica Metal Soldiers with a the battle of Tel el Kebir a Egyptian game with 54 mm figures made in the traditional metal toy soldiers.

The other game I picked was from the Skirmish Wargames called “What a Carry on up the Nile” I just loved the paddle steamer.

The best part of the show is that I won one of the reprints of a British soldier from the camel corps in the free raffle. What a great way to end the day.