Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sorry Bank manager

Well it’s about time that I spent some money on my hobby. In the first three months not a penny was spent. But since April I have spent a total of £64.04 pence on 14 items, of which most of that has been spent on the new buildings from Hornby.
I have just one more building to get which is the derelict farm house. So this could be an expensive year for my hobby.  

HaT are too release the Brunswick Cavalry and the Prussian Hussars later this year with the Napoleonic Mounted Officers and the British Command sets. Both look very good and I hope that they will all be out well before Christmas, so it still gives me a little more time to reduce my boxes to paint pile. 

  • 6 PAINT TINS £8.94
  • 3 MODEL BUILDINGS £47.43
  • 3 CONTAINERS £1.47

Monday, 18 June 2012

Update on those Prussian Dragoons

Just had a week off from work and had some time to do more painting with the Prussian 8th Dragoons. With no work commitments and away from home, it was a break that I really needed. Using the HaT figures and a box and a half for this regiment totalling 18 in all, I started off painting these a few weeks ago. The good news is that I have now managed to complete the first 12 Dragoon horses and the first batch of six troopers. The last six horses and the second batch of troopers are well under way.

But now back home and back to work, I will really try to keep this momentum going as I am now well behind with the Landwehr painting and finishing off the Prussian artillery officer and drummer.

So with a total of 24 figures painted this year so far, I have already beaten last year’s total of 18 which was a really bad year for me.

Friday, 1 June 2012

News from the Front

What a way to start the month of June with the good news that HaT have announced, that the next sets to come out of the stables are mostly Napoleonic’s.
They are the Mounted Command 8279, British Command 8304 which I will defiantly buy and at long last the Brunswick 8174 and Prussian 8197 cavalry set’s. We first saw the rough drawings on these, way back in March 2008, so it’s taken four years to get these out. Looks like my painting of the Prussian army will continue well into next year now. Doing a bit of painting over this long Bank Holiday this weekend, so I hope to have an update very soon.