Monday, 18 September 2017

Skirmish 2017 (Napoleonic Special)

Last Sunday I went to the Skirmish Show in Sidcup, South East London as I had such a good time there in March earlier this year with the Zulu themed show.  This was my second wargame show in a year which I have not done for a very long time. Still as this was going to be a Napoleonic Special show I just could not wait to get there. It was a cold start to the day but I was in the hall by 9.45am.
The first thing that hit me was that there was not as many traders there in the main hall or in the lobby as there was in the March one. There seemed to be less people around this time but I thought it was early yet but they never came even when I left at 11.30.
On the wargaming side there were thirteen tables but only five were for Napoleonic’s of which one was a naval game and another one from the Skirmish Wargames - Sharpe Village in 54mm.. The other three were from the Herne Bay & Whitstable wargames Group in 20mm , North London Wargames Group 6mm Borodino 1812 and Rainham Wargame Club a 28mm game with French and Prussian troops.
Soldiers Kit
In the main hall though there was a nice display of British Napoleonic equipment and had a very nice chat with the owner. Still I did not come away empty handed as I picked up a box of French Light Infantry by HaT which have been on my shopping list for a few years now.
Next March the first special show is Vietnam but before that roll on SELWG in October.

The Gentleman is from the Crimean War