Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Better than EBay?

It has been very quiet on the wargaming front, so like many of us I like to look at all the other wargaming blogs that are around out there and see what they are up too.
I was lucky to stumble on a blog that was giving away FREE Napoleonic Airfix and Esci figures. There were boxes of British Infantry, which I have been collecting to add more British regiments to my Waterloo project, Scottish Infantry, British Hussars with French Infantry, Foot artillery and even French lancers. Could this be true? So a quick email to James Womack from USA, to put my name down on the list and YES it was true but I was next on the list.  

After a day or two, James emailed me back as the other person had dropped out as they did not want to pay for the p&p. Well that was good news to me.
The parcel arrived on Saturday when I was away and so I picked up the parcel yesterday. When I opened up the well packed box, the years rolled back as there were all in the old Airfix boxes filled with all these lovely figures. Remember when they had the little window at the back so you could see inside the box? 

So what did I have, well it was a very mixed box of figures. The first pile was the British Infantry which as I said, I was collecting last year. Found a good bag full at SELWG last year for a couple of quid. The first box I opened contained a total of 108 figures which works out to be over two box loads. The second box had 89 figures in them, so in all I have another three regiments to paint here. The Airfix Highlanders was next, but when the box was opened, only 22 figures in the box. Still I could make the 24th Blackwatch and the 92nd Gordon’s regiments even bigger? Next a very light weight box of French Old Guard. Only six figures in here including the Officer, Drummer and the two NCO’s.  Then I looked at the four Esci boxes of the French Lancers, only one of these had been opened but all the bits were there. Four boxes of Airfix Hussars came next and all full of figures. I counted a total of 84 troopers and all their horses with stands. French Foot Artillery came in two boxes, one full of horses and limbers with a few crew members while the next had all the guns and painted crew. In the very packed French Infantry box there were three box loads in here. Always very use full with other nations. The Prussian Landwehr box was again very light in weight and 29 figures including the Officer. The last box to open which had nothing to do with Napoleonic War, was bits and bobs of the old Airfix American Civil War Artillery crew and a couple of riders.
But in all this was a great find, a lot better than EBay. Thanks again James.