Wednesday, 16 October 2013

SELWG 13 Report

Last Sunday I went to Crystal Place National Sports Centre to see the SELWG show in the pouring rain. It’s the only show I go to these days and just getting from the car park to the centre I was cold and wet. Still once I had paid my £6 entry fee I was in the warm building. I did not arrive there until 11pm, the reason was to let, if any, queue go down.
I do what I usually do at shows and that is to have a quick walk around the trade stands to see if there is any goodies and then to the war gaming tables.

I was surprised that on the top floor there were not many people around, so looking at the stalls was easy for once. The Bring and Buy looked a little busy but not that bad.
Down in the main hall, it was a different story with loads of people around the trade stands. One thing I did notice was the number of stands with the new 4Ground laser buildings. These seem to be going like hot cakes, although a bit pricey they look very good. Once again this year the 28mm figures were in abundance and it also showed on the war gaming tables. 

I did not have much on my shopping list as there are no new figures out from HaT for me this year. But once again not many stands stocked the HaT figures. I wanted to stock up on my bases but Warbases was not around this year. A shame really as I brought some of them last year and I wanted to stock up on these.

By 1.30pm I stopped for lunch and then went back to the start again around the trade stands to see what my pennies could buy. I stopped at Magnetic Display again this year as I brought some lovely walls from them last year. There was a nice pack of a wooden fencing but there were no corners to it, so I left them behind. Next stop was Harfields. They deal with a lot of second hand plastic figures in boxes or lose in a bag. My eye caught a bag full of the old Airfix Waterloo British infantry. These were painted but needed to be stripped and repainted as most were chipped. Still a bag full for just £2 bargain. Harfields are always worth a visit. Back at the Bring and Buy stand, there now seemed plenty of room around the tables but nothing for me here.

Back down stairs and nothing seemed to catch my eye and so I looked around the tables.

Deal Wargames Club-"Sunset Over Shumshu" 28mm WWII


Seems-"Tabletop Teasers on Tour" Spanish War


C.T.K Wargaming-"Battle for the Marn" 20mm WWI 

I did not stay long at the show but I was there for around four hours. When I got home with a nice cup of tea, I sat down and opened up my packet of Airfix figures. In this I had nearly a whole box and a half, but I was missing two possess of six figures from this packet but I can make it up to a full regiment of 50 with the spares I have. The other half will have to wait in my spare box. 

And I see over the weekend we have now had over 7,000 hits on my blog. Thanks to very one who has taken a look now and then, it brings a tear to my eye. 




Wednesday, 2 October 2013

At Last a update

I thought that I would bring you up to date with my Regiment of the French Carabiniers (Italeri box No 6003) that I started way back in November last year.
The good news is that I have now completed all of the 17 horses for the regiment as shown above and I can now really go for the troopers. The horse furniture is what I think they had at Waterloo although there is no real evidence of what they were wearing on the 100 days campaign. In the front row are the Officer and Trumpeters horses. Still I hope, like me, that you like what I have done so far.