Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

A Very Happy New Year to you all and another year has come and gone and looking forward to 2011.
What did you get for Christmas? This year Santa gave me a copy of Paddy Griffiths- Napoleonic Wargaming for fun, which I have just started to read and the DVD box set “Pacific” which I can not wait to see.

This year I hope to do loads of things which means I will probably run out of time doing them all, but getting back to painting is the first on my list and I will keep to what I should of painted last year, The Prussian army. Last year I only managed to paint the French Horse Grenadiers all 24 of them. Still at least I did do something but the pile of figures is now getting higher and with more sets coming out this year from Hat. I hope I can keep the momentum going and keep this blog up to-date.
Thanks for looking in last year but keep on looking as I hope to add loads of stuff this year.