Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Chrsitmas World

It has been a very bad year for my hobby as I have not completed one single figure for 2013. Although I have finished the 17 horses for the French Carabiniers and the troopers are 75% finished I have not felt the need to pick up the brush to finish them for a long time now.
Is it that life is getting in the way and a rest is needed, who knows? As you have seen that I have been collecting bits and bobs for the hobby over the year, which is another box full of stuff that might never get used. Even trying to keep this blog going is also taking its toll. Still maybe after Christmas and the New Year, things will look a bit better as winter will have really arrived  in the UK by then so one thing I will not be worrying about will be the garden. 

I would like to thank my seven followers on this blog and for all of you who take a peek now and then a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the General.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Good Year for my Bank Manager

It did not take me very long to spend some money on my hobby this year. I have this year spent a total of £70.44 pence on 19 items which is not very much really. This was due to the new Napoleonic sets from HaT that came out earlier in the year and two war gaming magazines.
I am now collecting material for my terrain building so another door mat was brought to add to my collection I now have four of them all for different fields which I plan to make (some day) but I did not realise how much material I still need to buy such as the bases, paints, making the fences/walls etc. 

  • 4 PAINT TINS £5.96 
  • 8 FIGURES (Boxes) £43.28
  • 1 SHOW £6
  • 2 BOOKS/MAGAZINES £9.24  
  • 1 DOOR MAT £1.99
  • 1 PK COCO LINERS 99p

Monday, 2 December 2013

The Coldstream Guards

British- Coldstream Guards 

Figures used: AIRFIX British Infantry- 42 figures and one mounted Officer in a Box.  

Made in cream plastic 

Painted in Early 80’s 

The 2nd Coldstream Guards played an important part in the Battle of Waterloo with the defence of the Chateau of Hougoumont. This large complex of buildings was on Wellingtons right flank and used up a lot of the French troops throughout the day of the battle. 

The figures are not the best from Airfix but don’t forget that they first came out in the 70’s and there don’t seem to be any other companies out there that can beat them at the moment. I painted these up as the center company and I hope to add the light company to them later on.

H= Humbrol 
R= Revell 

H60 Jacket, base of plume
H64 Trousers, Blanket roll
H34 Belts, Straps, Shoulder wings, Hat Cords, Knapsack, Top of plume
H62 Backpacks, Hair, Musket
H65 Water bottle
H25 Cuffs, Collars and piping on jacket
H21 Boots, Ammo Pouch, Hat
H33 Sword & Bayonet Scabbard
H61 Flesh
H53 Musket Barrels, fixings
R11 Firing Locks, Bayonets, Sword
H16 Hat Badge, Ammo Pouch Badge, Buckles & Buttons
H80 Stand
Officers Notes
Epaulettes, hat cords & braiding on jacket - Gold
Gloves - white.
Sword Scabbard – Silver
NCO’s Sash H73, Gold braiding on jacket