Sunday, 18 March 2018

Skirmish 2018 (Vietnam Special)

After we had the “Beast From the East” a couple of weeks ago here in the UK, where we had a few days of snow and cold temperatures, we have had a mini “Beast From the East” again over the weekend. So I did have a think wherever or not to go to the show. But on a very cold and windy day I decided at the very last minute to make the trip to Sidcup.
Arriving at just after 10.30 am I was told at the entrance before I paid, that a few of the Traders and Wargaming clubs have not turned up. Now this is what I was feeling before I came to the show but that’s just how it goes.
In the main hall, there was just a few traders selling, books, figures and some terrain pieces but mostly there was an exhibition of Weapons, Equipment, and artifacts relevant to the Vietnam War on the main stage and around the hall floor.
In the gaming hall there was about seven games going on and yup, mostly all about Vietnam. With the Bring & Buy stall, when I arrived there was just a few things on sale but that seemed to of picked up when I left at 12. 30.

The best game for me was from the Maidstone Wargames Society where in their Vietnam wargame, a helicopter had crashed and the Americans had to go in and rescue the helicopters occupancy, but they soon came under fire from the VC. This is where I had spent most of my time talking the guys, Alan, Andy and Dave. 

The other game that caught my eye was from the Old Guard Wargame Club, where using the Sharp’s Practice rules, the English army with Spanish Guerrillas in support had to go and  rescue the Colonels wife and children. Both of today’s games were demonstration games.

Although the weather was bad this time the number of people attending the show was well down on the previous two shows that I have been too. Still it was nice to get out and catch up with the wargaming world.