Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Update on the Horse Grenadiers

After doing a lot of DIY at home, I thought that I will keep you up to date with the painting of the regiment.

The first batch of 8 horses are nearly done and I am happy with the result so far. As soon as they are finished I will post some pictures.

I have also started on the first batch of troopers. Although they do not have the correct uniform for Waterloo, I think that they will still look good on the table once finished.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

1st Tirallieurs, Young Guard

Here you are, the very first pictures of the unit. The Young Guard are taking up position may be to take on the Prussians.
Although the pictures are not all that great with my digital camera,
I will try to do some more hopefully with better results.
These figures are from HAT and they are very easy to paint as there is not that much detail on them.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

More New Sets

HAT have announced that they are to bring out two more Napoleonic sets. They are

  • Prussian Infantry
  • Prussian Landwehr

Although production has started on these sets, we will not know for a while when they will be released. It has been a long time coming for new Prussian sets.

The Infantry have only been through REVELL back in 1996 and although they have released them again this year, the price for these are about £1.50 more than their other sets.

The Landwehr first came from AIRFIX back in 1979. I brought three boxes of these back then and although I had one nick from the clubs break-in years ago now, I still have two left. One I have already painted and the next box will be used sometime this year.

Also ITALERI are to bring out two sets this year. They are the French Imperial Guard Artillery and Scottish Infantry. Some say that they are re-boxed sets from the old ESCI sets.

This could be another good year for Napoleonic sets.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Young Guard finished

Last night I completed the rest of the Tirallieurs Young Guard and now have a regiment of 45 figures. I will take some photos of these at the weekend.
That is also the amount of figures painted to date for this year.

As you know I am next going to paint the French Horse Grenadiers and I am nearly half way through the first batch of 8 horses.
I will also start to paint the first patch of 8 troopers and it has been another re-think on how I am going to paint these up. After reading up on this regiment, there seems to be many variations on uniform matter. Still as long as am happy with the final result.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Latest News from HAT

Good news from one of my favourite companies in plastic figures,
is that there are some new sets in production from HAT.

From their 8000 Series 1/72 Napoleonics they are making

  • Prussian Limbers/Caissons and Wagons

  • Brunswick Infantry

  • Austrian Wagons

  • Austrian Horse Artillery

I am certainly looking forward to the Prussian and Brunswick sets, which are much needed for my Waterloo campaign.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Next Regiment to paint

Hi All

I have nearly finished my second unit of Young Guard and I have started to think about my next regiment to paint.
Keeping with the French side, I have decided to paint the
Grenadiers-a-Cheval or Horse Grenadiers.
The figures that I will be painting are from the Hat collection
set number 8013. Although there are just 12 troopers and their mounts, I intend to paint two boxes for my unit.
So with 24 figures to paint, I will do them in batches of eight.
Although this box does not have the correct uniform for Waterloo
they will do for me.