Monday, 25 March 2013

French Old Guard-Grenadiers

Figures used: AIRFIX French Imperial Guard- 48 figures in a Box. Made in grey plastic 

Painted in Early 80’s 

The might of the French army had never failed in battle, until Waterloo. These brave old men of Napoleons Guard must have made a spectacular sight on the battlefield in their uniforms and big black bearskin hats. These Airfix figures were the only ones you could buy in plastic back in the 70’s and they can still hold their own today even though there are quite a few companies that have now added these to their range. These were the eighth Airfix Waterloo set to come out in 1975. The uniform is very accurate on these, well sculpted with plenty of detail, these were the best that Airfix had made up till then and once painted they look really great.
These were painted before we had the internet and the only research I could do was at my local library, but the Airfix box picture helped a great deal. These are another one of my favourite Airfix sets and I have painted these as another regiment which you will see later on in this section. 

H= Humbrol 

H34 Vest, Trousers, Belts, Straps, Grenade Badge on top of bearskin, Bearskin cords & flounders, Hair
H25 Coat, Coat on backpack, Collars
H21 Boots, Ammo Pouch
H62 Backpacks, Musket
H60 Cuffs, Coat-tails, Epaulettes, Crown on Bearskin
H25 Cuffs, Collars and piping on jacket
H33 Sword & Bayonet Scabbard, Bearskin
H61 Flesh
H53 Musket Barrels
R11 Firing Locks, Bayonets, Sword
H54 Musket fittings
H16 Bearskin Badge, Ammo Pouch Badge, Coat-tail Badge, Buckles & Buttons
H80 Stand 

Officers Notes

Epaulettes, Bearskin cords & flounders - Gold
Gloves - white
Sword Scabbard – Silver
NCO’s Bearskin cords & flounders – Red/Gold