Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Painting Guide

French Young Guard Tirallieurs

Figures used: HAT 8034 Young Guard- 48 figures in Box

Painted in 2009

Before I started on painting this set, I cut all of the figures from spur and clean up any flash, which there is a bit on these. Then give them a good wash in warm soapy water. Once dry we can then start painting them.
Now I have no idea what you want out of this box but I usually use one box per regiment. As this box contains four spurs of the same figures, I then do not need to have all four officers in this set. So I have a Regiment of 45 figures.
Below is my painting guide to these figures painted in Enamel paints.

H= Humbrol
R= Revell

H25 Greatcoat, Officers Jacket
H34 Trousers, Straps
R75 Gaiters
H62 Backpacks, Hair, Musket
H61 Flesh
H53 Musket Barrels
R90 Firing Locks, Bayonets
H54 Musket Fixings
R7 Boots, Ammo pouch, Hat Peak
H16 Chin Strap, Ammo Pouch Badge, Buttons
R89 Hat
H60 Pom Pom
H80 Stand

Officers Notes
Officers Coat- Blue
Coat-tails Red trimmed with white.
Gold Epaulettes, Band around top of hat.
Gloves white.
Sword Scabbard-Gold

Thursday, 7 January 2010

What now for 2010

When you look at other war-gamer blogs, they always say what they have on their workbench for the coming month. Most have four or five projects going on all at once which, although this stops boredom, painting the same old colours each month, I could see this taking ages to complete if I was to do the same. The first thing that comes to mind is space to do these things.
Now 2009 was not a very good year for me in the painting game, although I did a lot better than the year before were I just painted one cavalry regiment of 17 troopers and horses.
Last year I painted a total of 45 figures which was the French Young Guard regiment.
The French Horse Grenadiers has had a painful and slow progress over the year.
To date I have done all of the 24 horses and nearly finished the first set of eight troopers with another eight close behind. The last eight have not been touched.
So for 2010 on my small workbench, I hope to get these done and a few more units as I am now well behind schedule. Where does the time go?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I know it’s a bit late but A Very Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope that 2010 is going to be even better than last year!
So what did Santa bring you? Well once again he forgot to drop off any presents for me, but I did get two books from my partner.
The first one is from C S Grant called “Wargame Campaigns”. This book is about setting up your own campaign in any period. It has war gaming rules for a quick game to a full campaign. I have had a quick look at this book and I have already seen some changes that I would like to do with my own set of rules.
The second book that I received was called “The Eagle’s Last Triumph” by Andrew Uffindell. The book is about Napoleon’s last victory at Ligny 16th June 1815, two days before Waterloo. The Battle lasted for six hours with over 20,000 French and Prussian soldiers being killed or wounded. The book contains a number of maps, diagrams and order of battle.