Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Prussian's are coming!

Well I have had a long think on which unit to paint next and I think that I will paint some more Prussian infantry. As I have had the box for a long time now collecting dust, I will paint my old Airfix figures of the Prussian regiment of Landwehr. The unit will be the 3rd Elba which had sky blue facings. (The picture on the box is the Silesian Regiment)
I know that Hat will one day, bring out their Prussian sets but for now I will use the Airfix box. Although the box contains 48 figures, it contains two flag bearers which as most of you will know that they did not carry any, although some say that they did carry some sort of flag at Waterloo. But being me, I will paint one of these up as I have done to the first set I painted, the 2nd Neumark Regiment back in 2005.

Over the next couple of days I am starting a new feature on this blog called “Marshals and Generals”. I plan to write up about all the Marshals and Generals of France and all the British and Allies Generals that took part in the battle of Waterloo.

It’s not long now to Salute 10 on the 24th April, and my shopping list is not all that big but you can never tell on what there will be on offer at the show.