Tuesday, 27 April 2010

French Fusiliers

French Fusiliers of the Line

Figures used: AIRFIX French Infantry- 42 figures and 1 mounted Officer in Box

Painted in Late 70’s

These are the very first Airfix figures that I started painting for my Waterloo French Army. These were Airfix fifth Waterloo set to come out in 1972 and although the first sets were okay with their sculpting, these are very poor but they are all that we had to wargame with back then. The Uniform is accurate on these for Waterloo and they are a joy to paint.
I have painted two of these Fusilier regiments the 1st and 2nd. But you can paint all four fusilier regiments by changing their pom-poms colour. These were painted before we had the internet and the only research I could do was at my local library, which did not have many books on Napoleonic uniforms at that time. These are a favourite of mine and I have painted these as other regiments which you will see later on in this section.

H= Humbrol
R= Revell

H25 Coat, Officers Jacket
H34 Trousers, Waistcoat, Coat-tails, Belts, Straps
H62 Backpacks, Hair, Musket
H64 Blanket Roll
H60 Cuffs, Collars and piping on front of coat
R21 Boots, Ammo Pouch, Hat
H33 Sword & Bayonet Scabbard
H61 Flesh
H53 Musket Barrels
R90 Firing Locks, Bayonets, Sword
H54 Musket Fixings, Bayonet & Sword Scabbard
H16 Chin Strap, Hat Badge, Ammo Pouch Badge, Buttons
H60 Pom Pom, (1st Green, 2nd Blue, 3rd Orange, 4th Violet)
H80 Stand

Officers Notes
Officers Coat- Blue
Coat-tails White trimmed with Red.
Gold Epaulettes
Gloves white.
Sword Scabbard-Gold