Thursday, 15 March 2012

2000 Hits!

Wow what a nice surprise today to see that I have now had over 2000 hits on my blog. That makes it over 1000 hits in just 9 months. Can we get to 3000 by the end of the year? Well only time will tell on that.
If you regularly look at my blog then I would like to thank you very much in taking a look now and then. I have tried to put a little bit of information up each month so it is slowly growing. The plan is to take some pictures of my little army and hoping that the weather is going to be kind to me this at some point at the weekend because this is now lacking on this blog good old colour pictures of what I have painted.
I must admit that time is always against me with work and home life. There never seems to be the time these days to sit down and do some painting as I am always tired after a long day at work and the drive home.
Still as I have said before, I am still managing to do bits here and there. So keep looking and once again Thanks for looking in and making an old man happy.