Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Another UPDATE

I had a good weekend, not with the weather though but with my hobby. I have spent more cash this weekend on two tins of paint and some paint thinner.
I do try to look after my paint tins but they always seem to dry up on me, especially when I have not touched them for a while or the paint starts to thicken up. That is why I finally brought some paint thinner to save a few bob.
I also brought some more containers for the painted figures that I hope to complete soon.
Another good reason is that I have started to paint another unit. Okay I should finish one before starting another, but these are going to be painted while I am away at the weekends.
The unit I am painting now is the HaT Prussian 8th Dragoon regiment. I have a box and a half to paint so 18 figures and horses in all. Had a really good couple of days with these and I am half way to finishing the first batch of six with their horses.
At home the last two figures of the foot artillery are coming along nicely and I have not forgotten the Elba Landwehr infantry that I started some while ago and I hope to have the first batch of 12 done by this weekend.