Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Another Skaledale Building

Over the Easter weekend I managed to go to my favourite toy shop in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and brought another model from Hornby to add to my collection of buildings.
My next model was the Derelict Stables (R9648) at a bargain price of £16.45 pence. Again made in resin, the model looks again a bit small for my chosen size in wargaming but it does look good.
Still it will add a bit more to the derelict farm that I will make up when I can get a chance to do a bit of wargaming.
I also had to buy some more paint and what a big jump in the price. This time last year I was paying just £1.30 pence a tin. It has now gone up to £1.49 pence a tin but still cheaper than the RRP of £1.70 pence. So in just two weeks I have spent just over £50 already this year.