Monday, 5 October 2009

Update on my hobby costs

As you can see from the picture above that I have brought some strange stuff for my wargaming table over the last couple of months.
Firstly I have spent some cash on two doormats. One is a front doormat which will be turned into a wheat field and the second a ribbed mat, which will be turned into a ploughed field or two.
The pastry brush I can use as rushes for my rivers and ponds or for tall grass.
These did not cost much but my spending has slowed down. This is a list of all the things I have brought this year for a grand total of £120.60 pence.

  • 7 PAINT TINS £7.92p
  • 1 SUPER GLUE £1.00
  • 9 FIGURE BOXES £45.63p
  • 1 SHOW (Entry Fee) £11.00
  • 4 BOOKS/MAGAZINES £42.48p
  • 2 CONTAINERS £3.98p
  • 2 DOORMATS £7.32p
  • 1 COTTON PLEAT 99p
  • 1 PASTRY BRUSH 28p