Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Two For One

While I was away last weekend, I managed to pop into WH Smiths and had a look at what wargaming magazines they had in. They only had a couple in but the Miniature Wargames magazine June issue number 350 was on the shelf.
I can remember long ago, reading MW when it first came out and in fact brought the mag every month, until a few years down the line I stopped buying it. The reason was that they started to do a lot of fantasy stuff which seemed to spoil the magazine for me. Still I do have a little flick through the mag when I see it in Smiths now and then. This issue is a special issue in that you get a FREE copy of Henry Hyde’s magazine Battlegame, which Atlantic Publishing took over a couple of months ago. Now I have brought a couple of Battlegames at SELWG show’s a couple of years ago and found them quite interesting. I even brought the Table Top Teasers Vol 1 at the show.
Both of these magazines for this month do have some articles in them that are both worth reading.

In Miniature Wargames, it has lovely coloured pictures throughout and a couple of good articles to read. First up was the Combat at Garica Hernandez from the Peninsular War 1812. Everything you need to know about playing this battle.
Then we came across the Arnhem game from WWII. Although I don’t play this period now, it was still a good read and with some rules for you to use.

In Battlegames Issue 29, we start with Going Coastal, how to make coastal terrain. I have always wanted to make my own terrain but time always gets in the way. But one day I shall sit down and make some. Then we came too, Simplify your painting. 24 tips to help you complete your tabletop armies faster and more easily.
Some of this article I must agree on as when you paint your figures, paint what you can see at the three foot distance. It seems to me that there are a lot of people out there that paint everything on their figures, right down to their eyes. The look in their eyes don’t look right but I think the wargamers that do are very brave. I have not gone down this road and have just recently started to paint their buttons and I am still thinking about NCO’s ranking. Still everyone has their skill and time which is what this article is all about.
There is plenty more in these mags and I shall get down and do some reading on these over the next weekend. It has also made me think about buying wargaming magazines again.