Thursday, 2 August 2012

News from the Front

Today Hat Have said that two sets of Napoleonic figure are “Moving up the queue”, what that means I have no idea, but maybe they will be shipped out before Christmas?

The two sets are French Line Infantry of 1815 period which is very good news.
Good in the sense that there are a new set of French Infantry figures coming out as it’s been a long time since the old Airfix set came out. I did not like the Italeri set much as they looked a bit skinny and they are now hard to find.Now I do love my Airfix regiments and I still have two more boxes waiting to be painted up as the 3rd and 4th Fusiliers regiments.

In the Hat box 8294 they are all marching and they contain two elite figures on each spur. With this they have four different backpacks to choose from and some head swaps added.

The other set, 8295 is the Line Infantry Command set. This has two officers on foot with one holding the flag, while we have one on horseback. There is also a drummer and two NCO’s. All look very good although we are just seeing the drawings of the two sets at the moment. Well I have now got to get my finger out and start painting faster.