Monday, 10 September 2012


It has been a while since my last post but the good news is that I have finished the last batch of horses for the 8th Prussian Dragoons which means that all 18 are now finished. On the other hand I have also completed the second batch of troopers and have started the last batch of six. It now means that I have completed a total of 30 figures so far this year and it’s the best I have done over the last three years. I still have to finish off the two Prussian Artillery members the Officer and drummer and the second batch of Prussian Landwehr.

My spending on the hobby has really taken off this year. My brother has picked up the last derelict farm building for me from Hornby in Margate, Kent which was the farm house itself. With another two tins of paint and a roll of non-slip mat for a project I hope to start soon.

Now that summer is over, although the hot weather looks set for another week, it means that I will have more time for my hobby or does it?