Friday, 10 October 2014

Waterloo's Bicentenary has already started

While I was away last weekend I found a Waterstone Book shop and decided to venture in just to take a look to see if any new Napoleonic books had been printed. To my surprise there were two books on offer.
First there was a book from the bestselling historical novelist Bernard Cornwell  titled Waterloo, Four Days, Three armies. This is the first non-fiction work that I know of, that Bernard has written as he is well know for his Sharpe novels. The book takes us through the leading days up to 18th June where we then have a hour by hour account of that fateful day.
The second book was called 24 Hours at Waterloo by Robert Kershaw. This book just deals with one 24 hour period of the 18th June.
Both books are full of pictures and maps with letters from both soldiers and officers at Waterloo.
Go and check these out, they could be a great addition to your book case.