Thursday, 30 October 2014

Birthday and over 11000 hits!

It was my Birthday last weekend and next year will be a big one. So although I have not done much over the last two years in the way for wargaming, I did manage to go to SELWG this year as you can see from my last post.
Luckily I took my partner as she likes to buy my Birthday and sometimes Christmas presents as well, so as there was not much in the way of buying things at SELWG,  I knew what my partner had brought me as these were the only items I liked.

They both came from S&A Scenics trade stand and they were the Town Templates (TT1000) and Wide Road (RD3000).
The town templates are 2” wide cobble roads really on MDF 2mm bases. There are nine pieces in a pack and they do look really good.
The wide road of which you get 60 inches of road, I was a bit of a disappointed when I opened the packet up and it reviled that the roads were made out of felt backing with flexible brown paint and grit paint on top. (A picture from their website)

I can see myself changing these as they look too plain. It needs some weeds down the outside edges and middle of the road, with a few wheel racks thrown in. I did take a look at their website but they do not make much at the moment. Still in a way I am happy with my presents but they need a bit of work doing to them. 

I see today that I have had over 11000 hits on this blog that has been as slow as a snail over the last couple of years in producing new postings. So I would like to thank you all for looking now and then and to my eight followers that I have. I do have quite a bit to add to this blog so do keep looking. I shall now go a celebrate with a nice cup of tea.