Friday, 9 January 2015

Bicentenary Waterloo Medal 1815-2015

Picture of the medal from their site
In 1815 the Duke of Wellington proposed that everyone who fought in the British Army at Waterloo should be honoured with a medal, and 37,500 Campaign medals were originally made. 

To celebrate the bicentenary of the battle of Waterloo, The Royal London Mint have minted a solid bronze medal 36 mm in diameter  to remember that famous battle 200 years ago this year. A total of 500,000 are to be minted and only one per household may be sold.  

For a price of £2.95 plus £2.50 for P + P you will receive an official Waterloo 200 Medal folder containing the Certificate of Authenticity from the Worchester Medal Service.
The folder provides you with important Historical Background Information of the Battle of Waterloo and your very own Commemorative Waterloo Campaign Medal safe and elegantly. 

I have purchased one of these and it will be the nearest thing that I will ever get to owning my own Waterloo Medal. It’s a shame that it does not come with the Waterloo ribbon but for £5.45 pence I hope it’s going to be a good item to own even though they say it's "Free"!