Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Napoleonic Sets Needed for Waterloo 200

I thought that I might take a look at what’s going on with any of the plastic companies to mark the bicentenary for Waterloo.
Well to date I have seen two. The first comes from Revell’s with the Battle of Waterloo 200th Anniversary Set No RV 2450. Although this set is coming out in March, there does not seem to be anything on their web site to say what is in the box. We can only guess that it will be their old sets British Life Guards, French Old Guard and the Prussian Infantry. But nice to see a new gift set on offer?

The next is no surprise from Airfix with their old Waterloo farm set now called Battle of Waterloo 1815-2015 Gift Set. They do not say when this is available but you can pre-order the set on their web site. The price has gone up from £35 to just under £40 this time round. No new figures in the set so we have the same old favourites. It’s a shame that Airfix have not made any new Napoleonic to add to their old list but we can only hope that they do.

The Company that I am waiting for is Hat. They did not do many new sets last year and I hope that they will bring out some new sets that are long waited for very soon.