Tuesday, 27 September 2016

More Goodies

I have found a few more bargains while I have been on holiday once again. The first piece I found was at a car boot sale and it is a sculptor about six inches high of a figure of Napoleon. There is a gold sticker on the bottom that say’s it is from an Italian Sculptor known as G. Ruggeri and up for grabs for a mere £3.
Now I am not an expert on these sort of things but I just wondered if I had brought something that might be worth a few bob more than £3. So on to the Internet and googled for this Sculptor’s name.
For a couple of days I could not find any reference to the little statue but I did find a site that was an auction house in America and saw the little fellow there. But looking at the little information that was available the statue was made of resin and on the original pieces there was the sculptor’s name and a triangle with some numbers on the little plinth. I knew that my little fine did not have any of these so a copy it is but I think it was still worth the £3 I paid for him.

The next bargain was once again another paperback from “The Works” here in the UK. The book is by the author Barney White-Spunner called “Of Living Valour” the story of the soldiers of Waterloo.
I know another book about Waterloo but there are so many of them out there these days and they are all different in their own way. So another book to read?
Yep! That seems to be the norm this year as I am already reading a book by Peter Snow called “To War with Wellington” from the Peninsula to Waterloo which was kindly lent to me by my brother. The book is sometimes gory but it is a fascinating insight into the soldier’s life on the march and in battle. Just finished reading the chapter about the Pyrenees 1813.

Looking forward to SELWG on Sunday 9th October at Crystal Palace. I know that there will be no new figures for me as Hat seems to be taking ages in producing the French Elites in greatcoat but I am hoping to find something new to keep my interest going.