Sunday, 4 September 2016


You might have noticed that there has been no posts since January of this year. The reason for that is that I went AWOL (Absent With Out Leave).
Well the truth is that in January I was offered a contract job for just for six weeks and to get some pocket money I said yes. But after the six weeks I was offered another six weeks and then another until my final day of work was at the end of August. It seemed unreal to go back to work after being retired since the end of April 2014 but it was great fun although travelling by public transport was an eye opener for me.
So what now! Well I have time on my hands once again and I am currently enjoying an autumn holiday for two weeks. After that I shall sit back and think on what to do next.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a charity shop and found this lovely book called “Napoleon’s Immortals-The Imperial Guard and It’s Battles 1804-1815” by Andrew Uffindell. Now I have already told you about charity shops and car boot sales before here on this blog and if you have time visit one of them, you might be very surprised at what you can find in them.
The book is a hard back cover published in 2007 and it is in very good condition. The book has not been read and the wrap round cover has not a mark on it. The retail price is £25 and I got the book at a bargain price of just £3. I have looked on Amazon and they are selling second hand copies at £3.42 pence plus £2.80 pence for P&P.