Thursday, 11 April 2013

Airfix Waterloo Farm House - Part One

The Battle of Waterloo had many buildings and villages that were fought over in the three days of Waterloo in June 1815 but three were made very famous by the battle. These were the farms of Hougoumont, Le Haye Sainte and Paperotte.
Le Haye Sainte was in the centre of Wellington’s battle line and it was defended by the 1st & 2nd Light Battalions of the Kings German Legion a regiment of Nassau Light infantry and the 5th Line battalion of the KGL while defending outside on the eastern side of the farm there were two companies of the 95th.
This complex of farm buildings became the hospital for the Allies and was fought over all day by the French with d ‘Erlon Corps with the 54th and 55th Ligne. The farm changed hands several times during the battle were at one stage the KGL ran out of ammunition and had to retreat out of the farm. Unable to move the Allies casualties, they were bayoneted to death by the French when they first over ran the farmyard and by the end of the day it was back in Allied hands. 

Airfix brought out the famous farm house in 1970 after they started to bring out the Waterloo figures for the battle. The 1/76 model was made in a grey plastic and has made a few appearances how and then by Airfix through the years. Once off the spur it took just minutes to assemble the farm and I still have mine although it needs urgent attention, another project for me to do to rebuild and base the farm house one day.

Although the model is not historical correct as some of the windows to the rooms in the roof of the main house are missing the farm was also much bigger than the model, but space would be a problem for most gamers. I have seen this model painted up on other people’s blogs and what a good job they have made of it. I must admit that I liked my Airfix model back then and still do today but wouldn’t it be nice for Airfix to bring out Hougoumont and Paperotte for the 200th Anniversary of the battle as I know they will do with the farm house once more.
The farm House today

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  1. More of the famous buildings of the battle? Yes please! That would be useful...but is it likely? Let's hope someone high up the food chain sees the opportunity. Nice site.