Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I know it’s a bit late but A Very Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope that 2010 is going to be even better than last year!
So what did Santa bring you? Well once again he forgot to drop off any presents for me, but I did get two books from my partner.
The first one is from C S Grant called “Wargame Campaigns”. This book is about setting up your own campaign in any period. It has war gaming rules for a quick game to a full campaign. I have had a quick look at this book and I have already seen some changes that I would like to do with my own set of rules.
The second book that I received was called “The Eagle’s Last Triumph” by Andrew Uffindell. The book is about Napoleon’s last victory at Ligny 16th June 1815, two days before Waterloo. The Battle lasted for six hours with over 20,000 French and Prussian soldiers being killed or wounded. The book contains a number of maps, diagrams and order of battle.