Thursday, 28 October 2010

Birthday Boy

Well another Birthday has come and gone and the realisation that another year has flown by. Still I did manage to get something for my wargame as a present and that was a farm house by BB Wargames. This is a nice model and already painted. The roof and first floor can be removed, so you could use it as a ruined farm house.

Now I have been on their website and by looks of things they are mainly WWII buildings but some, like the farm house, can be use for other periods.
There are some ruined buildings that I might collect when I see them next at Salute or SELWG next year.

On the painting front, it has all dried up as the journey to work and back with the late nights takes its toll. I am glad that there are no new sets for me to buy as the pile of unpainted figures is still very high.