Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I have just got back from a long extended weekend where I went and stayed at my caravan in Norfolk UK.
My partner loves going to TK MAXX which sells mostly fashion clothes and house hold goods. I always look in their toy department as they now and then, sell Revell’s and Aifix kits and hoped that one day I would see soldiers.
To my surprise this weekend they had a couple of boxes of Revell’s Prussian Infantry and the British Rifle sets selling at just £2.99 pence each.
This was such a bargain as they retail at £6.99 pence each. So I picked up another box of Prussian’s, another regiment has joined my Prussian army.
I go to a toy shop in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and they usually sell them at £5.75 pence each, so this was a real bargain. Total spent on my hobby to date is just £45.55 pence.