Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More figures please

In 2010 I spent a grand total of £45.55 pence on my hobby.
This year started off very slow for me and then I came to a gridding halt with my painting. But I have had some time, here and there to do a little painting.
We are nearly half way through the year and there are still no new figures for me as of yet, and I am still hoping that this year Hat will bring out those Brunswick cavalry and Prussian Hussars that I would love to have in my collection.
So in the first half of the year, the total spent is just £33.53 pence on 10 items which most of that has gone on new paint tins.

  • 5 PAINT TINS £6.80
  • 1 PVA GLUE £1.00
  • 2 FIGURES (Boxes) £13.74 
  • 1 DOORMATS £8.99