Wednesday, 23 November 2011

It's been a while

I did not realised how long ago I had posted anything on my blog, but I will get round to do something soon.
This weekend I went Christmas shopping in Norwich and had a great time but brought more for myself than for anyone else.
Remember that I had some birthday money given to me this year; well I have brought a few things out of that. Well after a long while thinking about them I went along to my favourite toy shop Langley and picked up a box of Hats Prussian Infantry Command set. Out of these fine figures I am going to use an officer and a drummer for my Prussian 6lb battery that I am finishing off. I have had a couple of goes with the camera to take some pictures of the one’s finished but none have come out any good to publish. But I will keep trying for you all.
Also I picked up another book bargain while I was away with the Waterloo Relics Book.  I have seen this book for years but was too expensive to buy. This I found for under a fiver.
As Christmas is fast approaching I must get the Prussian foot artillery finished and the first batch of Prussian Landwehr Infantry finished before then.