Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Prussian Foot Artillery

At last I have taken a couple of pictures of the Prussian foot artillery that I finished off painting last year. Sorry to say that the pictures are a bit dull as they were taken on a very dull day, but you can get the general idea of how they look.

At the top is a picture of the Officer and drummer from the HaT Prussian Infantry Command set 8255. As you can see the officer’s right arm is the peg arm and although it’s a good idea from HaT to do this, so you can have a choice of positions with the sword, but putting the arm on the figure had its problems and so I had to cut the peg off when joining them together. But the overall effect makes him look like his arm is out of joint. Still this method should get better as they go along with the sets. The backpack was easy to attach to the figure and they painted up really good.

The drummer was the easiest to put together with is backpack and drum. I think these will look really good on the battle field as the Prussian Artillery set does not have a commander or drummer included in their sets. Both of these figures are made from the new soft plastic.

At the foot of the page, is a picture of some of the artillery crew with most of the elements in place. I have given the unit all four 6lb cannons. This is HaT’s Artillery set 8007 and they are made from the old hard plastic as it was one of the first sets made by HaT. The only problem with these is that their coat-tails are missing, so they went without rather than trying to paint them on. As my Prussian army grows, I think I will need another set of these in the future.