Monday, 23 January 2017

News From The Front

Over the weekend on the HaT forum, there has been talk about figures that are on the "INCOMPLETE LIST OF MASTER FIGURES".
HaT are saying that the figures that are on their list for future release will be produced some time in the near future. Although I have been waiting for so long for the figures that I need for the Waterloo campaign, it’s good news for me at long last and they say that there will be more to come on this list.
Here is the list that I would like HaT to produce ASAP.

8234French Light Infantry in Greatcoats = These will be just the marching figures and are in the queue ready for dispatch.
8294 – 1815 French Line Infantry - Marching = In queue ready for dispatch.
82951815 French Line Infantry - Command = Moulds Lost? BOTHER!

Prussian Landwehr Infantry mixed set with Marching, Action and Command figures. These are now for Crowdfunding. The masters look really good but I am at the moment sticking with my humble Airfix sets that I have already painted.

The Prussian Limbers/caissons/wagons and the Brunswick Infantry are still in development.

There is another French Elites in Greatcoats set to come and the Dutch/Belgium Carabiners both are at unfinished stages. Lets hope that there are going to be a few more surprises in the coming week.