Tuesday, 9 July 2013

6000 Hits!

It was very nice to see that I have had over 6000 hits on my blog yesterday. It has taken just three months to reach that number and here’s looking at the next three?

I would like to thank you all if you are regularly coming back to take a peek at what’s going on. I still have a load of new stuff to put up on this blog and I hope to take some pictures of some of the regiments that I have finished painting this weekend. 

I have been collecting a lot of stuff for terrain making over this first part of the year as although I have had a long break from painting, war gaming is always on my mind and when I go out shopping and I see something that I could use, I think to myself buy now and make later. But a part of me now feels that a bit of terrain making could break up my painting blues as I seem to pick up the brush one day and then leave it for a while before going back.