Thursday, 31 December 2015

Birthday And Christmas

I have just realised that I have not told you of my wargaming presents for my Birthday which was back in October and what I was given for Christmas.
Well they are all in the picture above. At the back is the “Waterloo” book by Peter & Dan Snow. Below the book on the right is a set of playing cards from Waterloo 200 and below them a replica Waterloo Medal which I shall display in a box picture frame. The Napoleon figure next to the cards is from from a French company called Bonap-art. I have taken a look at their site but all they seem to do at the moment is just mugs, pens and towels with Napoleon’s motif on them and a couple of other figures. Their web site is One thing that I forgot to put into the picture was the Wargames Illustrated PAINTS, which is a guide to painting wargaming figures. A bit expensive for 74 pages of coloured pictures but I hope that this guide will give me a bit of help with my painting. All of these I had for my Birthday.

For Christmas I received the 28mm Conflix “Priests House” to finish of my Conflix collection. In front of this is the S&A Scenics cobbled road pack. I already own one of these but you can never have too much cobbled roads.