Monday, 6 April 2009

How Much do we spend on our hobby?

Well this year has really been good to me as I have found a good supply in Norwich and now with Modelzone in London, Holborn have re-stocked their Hat figures. This has enabled me to find the figures that I have longed for on my shopping list.
As we entry the fourth month of April 2009 here is what I have spent on my hobby so far
  • PAINT TINS 4 £4.35
  • SUPER GLUE 1 £1.00
  • FIGURES (Boxes) 8 £40.18
  • SHOWS (Entry Fees) 1 £11.00
  • BOOKS/MAGS 2 £32.50
  • CONTAINERS 1 £1.99

TOTAL £91.02p

Although I have spent quite a bit now, over the next few months it will be just Paints, as I have enough figures to keep me busy. I have over 40 boxes yet to paint.

On that note my painting has not been doing too well as I have hardly had time to continue with the Horse Grenadiers. I have to date, two lots of horses painted and nearly the first batch of troopers. I hope to get them finished by the end of Easter.