Thursday, 30 April 2009

Table Top Teasers Vol 1

Table Top Teasers Vol 1

Published by Battlegames 2008

Pages 76

These Table Top Teasers first appeared in “Battle for Wargamers” in February 1978.
I have played a couple of these at the old CWA on club nights and found them very interesting in the way the outcome was always different. So this book was a must.

I brought this book at Salute 09 for £10 and started to read this once I got the opportunity too do so.
There are 12 Table Top Teasers in this volume and they are mostly written by Charles Grant. The 12 scenarios all come from the Battlegames magazine from the first 12 issues.

The book is full of colour pictures and maps and if you are a solo wargamer then this book is for you, although some of the games can be played with two or more gamers.

Each of the scenarios are well detailed and will take you through step by step on how to set up with figures and scenery and how to play the game with information and maps. There is also a report of the game after each one.

There will be something there for everyone where ever you want a big or small game. This is the first special and I can not wait for volume two.