Friday, 3 April 2009

Salute Show

With the new DLR extension from Woolwich, means that I can now get from my front door to Excel in an hour. This is great news.
Salute 09 was the best show that I have been to so far in the last three years that I have been going to, but the only thing that was a let down was the entry fee of £11 although the goody bag that you get when you walk in had a fantastic model from Black Scorpion of a Zulu War diorama and the usual six sided dice plus the official guide to the show.
The crowds were slow to start with but by noon the hall was buzzing.
No credit crunch here today as people handed over large amounts of cash. The thing that really caught my eye was the fact that there were a lot of company’s making 28mm scale figures, with the likes of Perry miniatures, Front Rank and Victrix and a few others all dappling with this scale. Even Hat are having a go.
For me I will stick with 20mm as I do not have the cash or space for the new scale.
The games where ever demonstration or participation, tended to be WWI or WWII but there were a couple of Napoleonic games going on.
So what did I buy? Well with my pockets full of pennies not a lot. I did find a couple of stalls selling the Hat figures but none that was on my list although I did buy a box of Prussian foot artillery.

I found the two books that I wanted. Battlegames, “Table Top Teasers Vol 1” and Charles S Grant, “Wargame Companion”. I have had a quick flick through both of them and they both seem to be worth the money.

A couple of days after Salute 09 I went to Norwich where I had found a toy shop that actually sold Hat figures. There I brought my second box of Hat Nassau Infantry and two boxes of Hat Middle Guard.
Back to work and in Modelzone Holborn, London had the biggest delivery of Hat figures for a long while. There I brought another box of Middle Guard, which I will paint up as Line Grenadiers and my Second box of KGL Dragoons.

After the Salute show and seeing people in Modelzone picking up boxes of figures, I wonder how much do we spend on our hobby. I have over the last few years been keeping a book on how much and I must say that most goes on Paint and brushes.
I will let you know how much so far this year next time.