Tuesday, 15 February 2011

King's German Legion (Grenadiers)

KGL Grenadiers

Figures used: AIRFIX British Infantry- 42 figures and 1 mounted Officer in Box

Painted in Late 70’s

The Kings German Legion played a big part in Waterloo but these are the only figures that I have painted to date. These Airfix figure were the only ones you could buy in plastic back in the 70’s and they can still hold their own today. These were the sixth Airfix Waterloo set to come out in 1972. Although the uniform is near accurate on these, some of the detail is missing, but once painted they look great.
These were painted before we had the internet and the only research I could do was at my local library, which did not have many books on Napoleonic uniforms at that time. These are a favourite of mine and I have painted these as other regiments which you will see later on in this section.

H= Humbrol
R= Revell

H60 Jacket
H34 Trousers, Belts, Straps, Shoulder wings, Hat cords, knapsack, Plume
H62 Backpacks, Hair, Musket
H64 Blanket Roll, Water Bottle
H25 Cuffs, Collars and piping on jacket
R21 Boots, Ammo Pouch, Hat
H33 Sword & Bayonet Scabbard
H61 Flesh
H53 Musket Barrels & fixings
R11 Firing Locks, Bayonets, Sword
H16 Hat Badge, Ammo Pouch Badge, Buckels
H80 Stand

Officers Notes
Epaulettes, Hat cords - Gold
Gloves - white.
Sword Scabbard - Silver