Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Painting Tips

There are lots of how to paint your figures on the internet and on blogs like mine. So this is how I paint my armies without getting paint all over my fingers.

For infantry and horses, I use plastic milk bottle tops. These you can find in your home right now and even family and friends might help you to collect these.
Now these come in all colours these days green, red, blue and now orange. Before using the tops give them a quick wash.
I use just three of the colours blue, green and red. Blue for musicians and their horses, flag bearers. Green ones I use for private’s and trooper’s horses, the red ones for officers/NCOs, This is so that I can easily see who I am painting.

To make your figures stay on top so they do not move around, I use a little bit of blue-tack (Pea size). You don’t need much to make them stay on the milk top and they are then easily removed with a simple twist while you hold the figures stand, once finished.

Clothes pegs are another great item I use, that you will also have in your house hold. These again are made in plastic or wood and they are really cheep to buy these days. My pegs are wooden and I use these to hold cavalry troopers, artillery cannons, limbers and wagons.